FB Ads Specialist 面子书广告专员

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Responsibilities 核心工作:

  • Set up Facebook Ads including leads generation, conversion, traffic, engagement ads and All Types of Ads Objectives
    设置 Facebook 广告,包括潜在客户生成、转化、流量、参与度广告和所有类型的广告目标

  • Plan, develop and implement Digital Advertising strategy

  • Understand effective marketing and advertising trends on various digital platforms

  • Supervise the current organization incidence on social media marketing campaigns

  • Stay updated with digital marketing trends

Requirement 条件:

  • Possess at least Professional Certificate or above in Media studies/ Business Studies/ Marketing/ Advertising, or relevant digital marketing certification

  • At least 2 Year(s) of Proven working experience in the Digital Marketing field such As Facebook Ads, preferably with working experience in digital marketing agencies
    至少 2 年在 Facebook 广告数码营销领域的工作经验,最好有在数码营销机构的工作经验

  • Strong knowledge of Facebook Ads and Facebook Audience Insights
    对 Facebook 广告和 Facebook 受众洞察有深入的了解

  • Campaign reporting and analysis.

  • Someone with digital marketing experience and social media paid advertising